Hidden Entropy

Monika Niwelińska


Series of photo-intaglio prints (unfixed photo-sensitive emulsion on copper plate printed on silk tissue). Entropy of the image: documentary record of subsequent stages of fading images.

γ [gamma trace]

Location: Trinity Site, New Mexico, USA, Date: April 1st 2017 Radiation level: 0.5 miliroentgen per hour 21 radiographs, 21x15 cm

Radioactive Dust

Series of photo-intaglio prints and paintings. Entropy of the image: documentary record of subsequent stages of fading images.

Other Entropies

ZPAF Gallery Krakow, Poland 2016


Images of overexposed places - radioactive sites. Series of prints following the changes on the exposed copper plate. Visual trace of loss, also a record of hidden memory - or oblivion.

Latent Image [installation in situ]

Project realized in Cellar Gallery, Krakow, Poland.

Latent Image

Visual process of entropy and [dis]appearance. Narrative that resonates around concepts of memory and loss, traces, remains and time.


A photosensitive record of utopian territory of Polish-Slovakian Union, precisely designed on the maps – yet quickly forgotten.

Grey Suns

Series of twenty images of disappearing sun on lightboxes. Photo transparency was mounted on lightbox whose light was affecting the unfixed surface of the photograph.



Dust Exposures

Broken glass negatives, found footage. Destruction process of the image imprinted in photo emulsion.

No Horizon

Visual research on relation between time and space, exploring the subject of how we read and sense an existing physical place. The work consists of seven panels - a horizontal sequence presenting an abandoned runway in the north part of Krakow, Poland.


Photo-etching series based on a documentary record of a tsunami wave taken by a married couple just minutes before the tsunami took their lives. The whole sequence from the first sight of the waves to them slamming into the beach is only 5 minutes long.


Mind map imagery: internal recording of place and time and its translation into a tangible image. The experience was to create a cognitive map; a visual trace of perception of surrounding space.

Tracing the Line

Land Art Biennale Norway 2011


Land Art Biennale Norway 2013

Soleil noir

Installation of drawings, photographs and xerox prints.

Neutrino Exposures, Fermilab 2020

Neutrino Exposures Fermilab 2019-2021 Cyanotype

Grey Suns Exposure

Museum of Municipal Engineering in Krakow, Poland, installation, 2015